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The primary damage to roofs often occurs through damage to your guttering and downpipes. Distinguishing between general wear and tear to serious damage can be difficult to the untrained eye. So how do you know that you are in need of gutter and downpipe replacement?

  • The layer of paint on your gutters and downpipes may begin to bubble and peel.
  • Stains begin to appear on your homes ceilings, around the doors or down the walls.
  • The underside of eaves below your guttering may begin to show petunia, rusting or dark green staining.
  • Clogged gutters also cause the water to pool and withhold the water from properly flowing down the downpipes.

A blocked guttering system can cause major damage to not only your roof, but your home and its contents. If the water that travels down your roof to your gutters is not funnelled away from your house correctly, it can pool in areas and cause substantial water damage. This damage is extremely expensive to repair as if left unchecked can cause the roof to shift and even collapse. Additionally, run-off from the fascia boards can also cause damage to garden beds and smaller flowers and plants. These are a just a few reminders as to why it is essential to maintain an efficient gutter and down pipe maintenance program.

Our Process:

  • All our gutter install and repairs are roll formed on site to assure that all lengths are perfectly measured and fitted.
  • We have widest range of colours from Dulux and gutter styles from Colorbond.
  • We also use continuous length gutters, cut to the exact length and are joint free from corner to corner to ensure our customers gutters experience no leaks.
  • Steel aluminium or zincalume in a range of different profiles.
  • We also install gutter guards to prevent future blockages.
  • Installation of Fascia boards to protect the timber against, flaking, splitting and erosion.
  • All down pipes are custom made on site to ensure that they are all fitted perfectly.
  • All excess materials and waste is removed from site free of charge.

Whatever the issue may be, Sydney Wide Roofing Company prides itself on delivering the best solution for all its clients. We put our customers first, working closely deliver exactly what you asked for. This dedication to service has given us an envious reputation across Sydney and New South Wales.

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