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 Roof Leak Repair Sydney

Whether its just a few drips or a continuous flow, a leaking roof is a big problem. Unlike other types of damage that may occur around the home, a leaking roof has the potential to destroy your home and all its contents. If not properly fixed early after detection, it will cause water damage to the ceiling, walls and other building elements. Water damage compromises the structural integrity of your home and the growth of mould can be hazardous to your families health.

Therefore, if you ever suspect there may be a leak in your roof, it is imperative that you immediately get into contact a seasoned professional. Since 1992, our experience in roof cleaning and maintenance has been applied to all areas in Sydney, the South coast and the Central coast

Our 24/7 emergency service call out team are ready to rescue your home the instant a problem is detected. When arriving on the scene, the team will immediately canvass your home with tarps and other water resistant materials to ensure that the water damage does not spread across your home to cause more damage.

For minor repairs we are available 24/7 to take care of the issue and resolve it immediately. For larger projects we will endeavour to mitigate as much damage as possible, we will then set out to create a plan that will ensure the problem is remedied in a timely manner and without further altering your families lifestyle.

Roof Repairs

Our team provides a comprehensive roof repair service. To prevent the need for a whole roof replacement contact us now.

Experts in Roof Repair

Our roof repair service includes general repairs, repairs of broken or damaged tiles, repair of roof hips and skellions and repair of water leaks

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Roof Restoration

A roof restoration project can add significant value to your home

Freshen up your Roof

We specialise in the restoration of all types of roofs including; Colorbond, slate, metal, tin, terracotta and tiled.

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Our team are experts in re-roofing and brand new roof installs

Roof Installs

A re-roofing or brand new roof install project can be stressful project, which is why you need the best contractors to help ease you through the process.

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Roof Leaks

Act fast before a roof leak causes structural damage to your roof

Leak Repair

Roof leaks may be insignificant to begin with. However, they can soon turn into an expensive problem with water damage and mould

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Gutters Downpipes

Gutters and down-pipes are your roofs first defence against water ingress

Freshen up your Roof

If not properly maintained your gutter and down-pipe system can soon cause an immense amount of damage to your home

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Tile Pointing

After many years on your roof, tiles need to be re-pointed

Tile Bedding

Pointing has the function of binding the ridge capping onto the tiles so that the tiles do not get blown off in strong winds.

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