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Roof Tile Pointing and Bedding

After years of exposure, the tiles on your roof will need to be replaced or re-pointed. Traditionally, this was done by applying a mixture of four parts sand one part cement mixture to the exterior of your roof. The problem with this mixture is that it is prone to cracks due to its inflexible nature. Most old tiled roofs in Sydney would have this mixture and any cracks that have developed will cause roof leaks and compromise your roofs structural integrity. This process is of the utmost importance as it helps shield the house from the harsh Australian elements. Our contractors are expert roofers so contact us now to get your free quotation.

Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Concrete Tile Roof Repair

Let’s face it; roof tile repair is not easy. It’s a series of intricate steps that need to be performed correctly otherwise your roof will suffer in the long run. You might want to hire an expert when it comes to roof tile repair. To make sure that the job is successful, here are the following most common mistakes to avoid in roof tile repair.

  1. Taking the faster route

When it comes to replacement tiles, you should not take the faster route no matter how tempting it could be. Consider the type of concrete and the exact colour of the concrete that you have because that’s what you’re going to look for. If you ignore this, the awkward looking broken tile will stick out like a sore thumb on your roof. Aside from that, there’s a tendency that it will not click into place with your existing roof tiles, so it will not be surprising if the interior of your house is exposed to the harsh rays of sunlight and heavy rain.

  1. Not getting a new tile

Some people may suggest that you need to take another concrete tile from the back part of the roof where it is less visible and use this one as a replacement to the part of the ceiling fronting your house. Do not make this mistake. Not only is it a lazy thing to do, but it can soon introduce other problems. You should keep at least ten extra tiles in your garage. That way, when one of the roof tiles break, all you need to do is to replace the broken pieces with a new one that you have stored.

  1. Not using the right tool

You should know that getting a concrete roof tile into its position can be challenging especially if you’re only planning on using your bare hands. You should use a crowbar to help you in prizing the tile from the roof. Make sure that you gently remove the tile to avoid breaking the other tiles in the area as well. Minimize the pressure that you’re going to apply.

  1. Not observing safety measures

When you are replacing the tiles, you need to observe safety measures because once you put too much weight on a tile, it could potentially break while you are still replacing the other tiles. These hazardous methods measures will eventually lead to serious injuries that might burn a hole in your pocket when your only goal is to save money in the first place by repairing the roof tile yourself.

Now that you know the most common mistakes in concrete tile repair, you should make sure that you avoid it at all costs. Above all, you need to prioritize your safety and the quality of your work. In that way, you can repair minor damages in your tile without spending a lot.

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